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Although this book is based upon our personal experiences, the timely and generous support of many people contributed greatly to its accuracy and insight. Most of these, not suprisingly, worked for or with Value America, some in leadership positions, and some in supporting roles.

Joe Page, Rex Scatena, and Bill Hunt, three of the company's founding fathers, spent countless hours in research and manuscript revision. Linda Harmon, Tracey Wingfield, Phil Intihar, Sean Flynn, Eric Cherna, Doug Schatz, and Aaron Schidler provided valuable eyewitness perspective on the company's decline-especially in the months following the departures of the authors. Ken Erickson, Andy Rod, John Motley, Mick Kicklighter, Jerry Falwell, Dean Johnson, and a host of others were important as sounding boards and memory joggers. The skills of Linda Harmon, Taylor Smack, and Celia Rocks proved invaluable in interview transcription and proofreading. We are also indebted to Jonathan Kirsch for his legal review of our manuscript. He is a credit to his profession. We wish to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

We would also like to thank the hundreds of great men and women who contributed to the growth of Value America. You were our constant inspiration for over a year as we worked crafting our story. We hope you will find the book worthy of your own selfless labors.

We would even like to thank those few whose self-serving ambition contributed to the downfall of our "Marketplace for a New Millennium." You provided us with a plot so twisted and sinister we could never have invented anything quite as compelling on our own.

Ken Power and Craig Winn